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The first Amazon Kindle was developed strictly as a reading device in 2007. It was quite basic allowing for the reading of books and downloading of new books from the Amazon store. It did not have color and a wide variety of applications but instead promoted the very basic concept of being able to read anywhere and hold a large library in a small device. The content for the Kindle comes from Amazon’s large library of electronic content. Users are able to buy reading materials and have them wirelessly downloaded to their device instantly.

The Amazon Kindle was developed to give their customers better access to a familiar product: Books! In the beginning Amazon’s original intent was to deliver wide access to books to all of their consumers. By creating a variety of Kindle tablets the company was able to deliver eBooks to their customers and give them this access on the go at all times.

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention but the Amazon kindle reviews is the new buzzword in reading. But what is it? Long story short, it is an electronic device that stores literally thousands of electronic books, which you can then read at your leisure, anywhere, anytime. All you need to do to get started is buy a kindle, register the device with the Amazon kindle store, buy your books, download, and off you go.

Can’t be bothered reading?

The latest generation kindle has experimental text-to-speech software. Plug in your headphones and let the kindle read the book for you. Great for the night-time flights when there is barely enough light in the cabin to see in front of your face. read more from https://pickmyreader.com/

Can it surf the Internet?

You can surf Amazon.com, Wikipedia, and the web using kindle’s very own web browser. Furthermore, this web browsing capability is free over the WiFi network.

Listen to music while you read.

You can transfer MP3 files to your Kindle via a USB cable attached to your computer. Listen as an mp3 play, or use the mp3 files as background music while you read.

What are the advantages over ordinary books?

readerOrdinary books were known to be great, but its weight here is an issue. They took more precious space, most especially when you travel. The Amazon Kindle paperwhite reviews allows you to take all your favorite books on vacation with you, without the bulk or weight. You can literally store thousands of books on your kindle.

What else can it do?

The latest generation of kindle reviews has been equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G technology. This essentially means that you don’t need a computer to access the eBook store. With the Wi-Fi technology you can simply download books to your device without connecting to the computer. Of course, you do need to have a WiFi network at home or access to a free WiFi network when you are out and about.

For those who don’t have a WiFi network, there is also a 3G model that allows access to the store anytime anywhere. This option is ideal for those who are constantly on the go.